Risk Management Plans

What is a Risk Management Plan?

A Risk Management Plan is a document that outlines what measures are in place to reduce or eliminate the risk that a certain activity will contaminate municipal drinking water.

  • The plan focuses on prevention — it allows activities that are important to residents and business owners to carry on within vulnerable drinking water areas while at the same time ensuring the municipal drinking water source is protected.
  • The plan is site-specific – it is customized to suit the nature of the property, activity or business and can address multiple activities if necessary.
  • The plan includes and accounts for measures that are already in place – some people will only need to document what they are already doing to protect drinking water.

How is a Risk Management Plan Created?

The Risk Management Inspector or Official (similar to a Building Inspector or Official) works with the person engaging in the activity to decide what should be in the Risk Management Plan.

  • The process provides opportunity for discussion, flexibility and agreement.
  • The person engaging in the activity receives recognition of previous efforts and good stewardship actions.
  • The Risk Management Official receives formal assurance that effective measures to protect the drinking water source are and will continue to be in place.

Do I need a Risk Management Plan?

Step #1 – Use map tool to determine what vulnerable drinking water area you are in (e.g. WHPA-8).

Step #2 – View Risk Management Plan Summary of Requirements to see if you have an activity that is subject to this requirement.

If you need assistance, contact risk management staff who can confirm whether or not you need a Risk Management Plan and walk you through the process:

Risk Management Plans are one of the requirements of the Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Plan and are made mandatory under Section 58 of the Clean Water Act. Risk Management Plans are only required for certain activities taking place on properties that are close to a municipal well or close to a river upstream of a water treatment plant.




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