Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Plan

Approved : August 27, 2014
Effective : January 1, 2015
Revised : March 25, 2019
Revised : May 21, 2020
Revised : April 28, 2022

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Cover Page and Acknowledgements
Inside Cover Page
Table of Contents
Summary of Amendments
User's Guide

Section 1: Background
Section 2: Policy Development
Section 3: Policies To Address Specific Threats
Section 4: Policies For Education And Outreach
Section 5: Policies That Monitor Implementation
Section 6: Implementing The Plan


Figure 1: Eastern Ontario Source Protection Areas / Regions 
Figure 2: Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region: Municipal Drinking Water Systems 

Schedule A: Almonte Wellhead Protection Area
Schedule B: Carp Wellhead Protection Area
Schedule C: Kemptville Wellhead Protection Area
Schedule D: Merrickville Wellhead Protection Area
Schedule E: Munster Wellhead Protection Area
Schedule F: Richmond Wellhead Protection Area
Schedule G: Westport Wellhead Protection Area
Schedule H: Carleton Place Intake Protection Zone
Schedule I: Ottawa Intake Protection Zones
Schedule J: Perth Place Intake Protection Zone
Schedule K: Smiths Falls Place Intake Protection Zone
Schedule L: Highly Vulnerable Aquifers 
Schedule M: Significant Groundwater Recharge Areas 

Appendix A: Legal Effect Provisions
Appendix B: Drinking Water Threat Circumstances
Appendix C1: Policy Codes Summarized by Vulnerable Area and Policy Intent
Appendix C2: Policy Codes Summarized by Implementing Body and Compliance Date
Appendix D1: Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region Significant Threat Areas 
Appendix D2: Township of Beckwith Significant Threat Areas
Appendix D3: Town of Carleton Place Significant Threat Areas
Appendix D4: Township of Drummond/North Elmsley Significant Threat Areas 
Appendix D5: County of Lanark Significant Threat Areas 
Appendix D6: United Counties of Leeds & Grenville Significant Threat Areas 
Appendix D7: Village of Merrickville-Wolford Significant Threat Areas
Appendix D8: Town of Mississippi Mills Significant Threat Areas 
Appendix D9: Township of Montague Significant Threat Areas
Appendix D10: Municipality of North Grenville Significant Threat Areas
Appendix D11: City of Ottawa Significant Threat Areas 
Appendix D12: Town of Perth Significant Threat Areas
Appendix D13: Township of Rideau Lakes Significant Threat Areas 
Appendix D14: Town of Smiths Falls Significant Threat Areas
Appendix D15: Township of Tay Valley Significant Threat Areas 
Appendix D16: Village of Westport Significant Threat Areas
Appendix E: A Summary of Consultation
Appendix F: Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Committee Members and Biographies




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