Water Conservation

water conservation

It is easy to waste water and take it for granted. After all, here in the Mississippi-Rideau region, we have beautiful lakes and rivers all around us and a seemingly endless supply of groundwater beneath our feet. So why bother with water conservation?

Water conservation:

  • Protects drinking water sources from becoming depleted over time and helps combat the effects of growing populations, drought events and climate change
  • Protects water quality because lower water levels result in poorer water quality since there is less water to dilute contaminants
  • Reduces the cost of waste water treatment and water infrastructure expansion
  • Extends the life of private septic systems
  • Saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions related to water heating and pumping
  • Protects aquatic habitats

We all know the basics –install a rain barrel, take shorter showers, use a bucket to wash the car.

If you’re looking for some innovative, new ideas to challenge yourself to save water, check out: 100+ Ways to Conserve Water

Curious about your water use? Try this: Water Footprint Calculator




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