Conceptual Understanding of the Water Budget

Preliminary Draft
(Approved by Peer Review Team and Province)

Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region

March 2007

Full Text of Conceptual Understanding of the Water Budget - Preliminary Draft (2.3 MB)

Figure 1.6-1 Eastern Ontario Source Protection Regions
Figure 1.6-2 Mississippi-Rideau Source Protection Region

Figure 2.1-1 Water budget components, terms and reservoirs (after Figure 9, Water Budget Interim Direction Version 3 (Province of Ontario, December 21, 2005))

Figure 3.2-1 Climate Stations
Figure 3.2-2 Snow Pack Sites
Figure 3.2-3 Mean Annual Precipitation
Figure 3.2-4 Average Minimum Temperature
Figure 3.2-5 Average Maximum Temperature
Figure 3.2-6 Mean Annual Temperature
Figure 3.2-7 Average Annual Evapotranspiration

Figure 3.3-1 Provincial Land Cover

Figure 3.4-1 Ottawa-St. Lawrence Lowland Basin
Figure 3.4-2 Ground Surface Topography
Figure 3.4-3 Surficial Geology – Primary Material
Figure 3.4-4 Overburden Thickness
Figure 3.4-5 Generalized Bedrock Geology
Figure 3.4-6 Regional Geologic Cross-Sections – A, B, C

Figure 3.5-1 Annual Shallow Groundwater Elevations
Figure 3.5-2 Annual Deep Groundwater Elevations
Figure 3.5-3 Interpreted Distribution, Water Supply Aquifer
Figure 3.5-4 Conceptual Distribution of Confined/Unconfined Aquifers
Figure 3.5-5 Existing Groundwater Studies and Cross Section Identification
Figure 3.5-6 Hydrogeological Cross Section D-D’ – Carp
Figure 3.5-7 Hydrogeological Cross Section E-E’ – Almonte
Figure 3.5-8 Hydrogeological Cross Section F-F’ – Kings Park-Munster
Figure 3.5-9 Hydrogeological Cross Section G-G’ – Westport 1
Figure 3.5-10 Conceptual Hydrogeological Cross Section H-H’ – Merrickville – Kemptville
Figure 3.5-11 Potential Groundwater Recharge/Discharge Areas

Figure 3.6-1 Watersheds and Subwatersheds
Figure 3.6-2 Surface Water Control Structures & Hydrometric Stations

Figure 3.7-1 Permit to Take Water, By Type
Figure 3.7-2 Municipal Drinking Water Systems
Figure 3.7-3 Municipal Sewage Discharge Locations
Figure 3.7-4 Private Groundwater Wells
Figure 3.7-5 Agriculture Water Use by Subwatershed

Figure 5.2-1 Potential Groundwater Recharge (Modified MOEE 1995)

Figure 7.2-1 Tier 1 Water Budgeting Locations




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